Pharmacist Owned.
Independent Focused.

  • Collaborative network of pharmacies
  • Powerful group purchasing
  • Full line wholesaler
  • Business support services

Why Mutual Drug

Mutual Drug provides a supportive network of independent pharmacies. Mutual Drug helps ensure that its members are successful through a collaboration of over 500 pharmacies, strong group buying power, transparent pricing, improved access to products and services, legislative advocacy, and a full suite of business support solutions. Mutual Drug is shaping a better future for independent pharmacies through technology and a focused approach to product distribution.



At Mutual Drug, the independent pharmacist has access to all the tools needed to help their business succeed. Pharmacy owners are shareholders of Mutual Drug and as members have the same privileges as any business owner. They have the ability to direct, control, and provide input to steer the direction of the organization and have access to a wide range of benefits including:

  • The ability to purchase branded and generic drugs, and OTC and HHC products at a lower price
  • Equitable distribution of earnings
  • Equal voting power
  • Input for policies, services, programs and products
  • Appreciation of stock investment

Mutual Drug exists to serve its membership. To help our pharmacies achieve greater profitability and patient care, we serve and support each pharmacy with the resources they need. Our members leverage group buying power, have transparency into the true cost of products, and receive equitable treatment throughout the cooperative. Mutual Drug ensures members have the products, resources, and business support they need to be the pharmacy of choice in the communities they serve.

Customer Service

The most important differentiator for Mutual Drug is the relationship we have with our members. To help them achieve profitability and provide the highest level of pharmacy care, we go above and beyond to partner, serve, and support each pharmacy with the resources they need. Our customer service provides support for our members with electronic order entry, relief pharmacy assistance, product returns, and our auto-ship program. At Mutual Drug our members are like our family so you can be assured that your pharmacy will always be in good hands.

Group Buying

Mutual’s generic source program is aligned with the OptiSource Buying Group, a purchasing organization that negotiates on behalf of over 4,500 independent pharmacies in the United States. OptiSource affords the ability for Mutual Drug independent pharmacies to purchase generics at a lower price with an increased selection of product. This includes the availability of nearly 2,000 injectables and access to contractual Home Health Care pricing. Mutual Drug was founded on the principal of the strength of the group to acquire products at the lowest possible cost and we carry that tradition on today.

Experience & Leadership

Since our founding in 1952, Mutual Drug has been a leader in empowering independent pharmacists and their businesses. Our management team maintains a critical focus on our operations and the growth of the organization. We are continually upgrading and improving our service to our members and look to drive profits for the cooperative. Mutual Drug is governed by a 15-member Board of Directors who are all pharmacy owners and represent the interests of the membership.

How to Become a Mutual Drug Member

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