Marketing Services

Marketing Services

To fulfill our mission of helping our stores achieve profitability, we work both collectively and individually with each of our member pharmacies to provide them the tools they need to promote their business to potential patients.

With a broad array of marketing and promotional support, Mutual Drug guides our members with personalized marketing plans, and tactics for their execution. Using both internal and external resources, we develop advertising and marketing collateral that drives patient response.

Our local marketing support helps our members with everything from brochures and business cards, to bag stuffers, radio ads and billboards. Our assistance also includes social media marketing, branded items, and direct mail efforts. In addition, we create customized promotions in support of issues such as diabetes, vaccinations, long-term care, and common health issues that address the concerns of your patients.

Partnering with Mutual Drug, who has a tradition of helping our member pharmacies grow their businesses, means not only are you part of an established and respected brand, but you also have a company that provides unmatched customer service for all your marketing needs.

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