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Opening a Pharmacy

Creating a Plan for Success

Our dedicated team tailors a plan to help you compete, grow, and achieve your goals to become a thriving and profitable business.

Some of the resources we provide:

  • Pharmacy start-up check list
  • Demographic surveys
  • Business plan templates
  • Disaster plan
  • Assistance to acquire third party contracts
  • Pharmacy guidelines and timelines to attain permits and required numbers
  • Compliance training, posting requirements and compliance information
  • Partner list for services and products
  • Marketing assistance
  • Human resources support

Starting or buying a pharmacy requires a review of your finances and ensuring you have ample working capital and a formal business plan. Mutual Drug specializes in assisting independent pharmacies successfully launch and operate their business.

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New Pharmacy Action Plan & Change of Ownership Guidance

Creating a Plan for Success

Starting or buying any new business requires reviewing your finances and making sure you have enough working capital to begin. With your monetary resources in order, creating a business plan for your pharmacy from concept to opening will strengthen your chance of success. Mutual Drug specializes in opening doors for independent pharmacies and we can help turn your business plan into an action plan from ready to set to go.


  • Once you establish a line of credit with your local bank or qualify for an SBA loan, Mutual Drug is now ready to be your wholesaler and our experienced sales team can guide you through the entire process.
  • Choosing the proper location can make or break a pharmacy. Evaluating your potential pharmacy site involves analyzing the demographics surrounding your spot, checking zoning ordinances and parking spaces and deciding if you will lease, buy or build. Mutual Drug will run down a check list of things you need to do.
  • Secure a list of business contacts, including setting up connections with a business attorney, bank manager, pharmacy insurance agent and building contractor. They will become your inner circle of advisors.


  • In-store planning runs from the ground to the ceiling. Decide on your floor plans, room layouts, counter division for front and back end, and designate utilities such as water and electrical needs for each room or work station. Mutual Drug can offer guidance.
  • Order product from Mutual Drug and stock your shelves. We provide everything for your store from branded Rx, generics, and DME to a wide variety of front end OTC items and other unique products.
  • As a pharmacist owner, realize you are the heart of your business. The brains of your operation will come from your point of sale and computer dispensing systems. Mutual Drug can help you review your options for this important decision.


  • A key component of running a pharmacy is managing your staff, and Mutual Drug can help with human resource information and requirements such as job description examples, manuals, procedures, and posting. We can also guide you in marketing and advertising your pharmacy in your local community to get customers in the door. From logo creation to local advertising, Mutual Drug offers custom marketing ideas and programs to grow your business.
  • Mutual Drug is your one stop shop for starting a new pharmacy or changing ownership of an existing pharmacy. We provide complete guidance from start to finish, including providing outside vendors to setting up your PSAO, clinical network and, specialty programs. Our array of programs and services not only give you the opportunity to grow your business, but can steer you in the right direction for all your pharmacy needs. Let us help you with our expertise, coaching and consulting for your future business plans!